Saturday, November 15, 2014

A New Journey

Hi Everyone,

It's been quite a while since the last post in this blog.  As you all know we have had a busy last few years. is going great.  We have lots of followers that are very active and we thank you all for your support.  Afton's Old School Art Studio,  has been a huge success.  Classes are in full swing along with the events.

Now, I have decided to embark on a new journey an online creativity course, Journey to the Golden Fleece, http;// created by Arlene ( and Suzy ( The course is based on the journey of Jason and the quest for the legendary golden fleece.  The goal here is to boost your creativity, find your artistic voice and have a fibery goodness adventure while exploring the world of spinning and fiber.

The journey to The Golden Fleece has come to me at a perfect time.  My son passed away unexpectedly in March of 2014.  Prior to my son’s death, I had rediscovered my love for the fiber arts when I enrolled in weaving and felting classes in Florida.  After his death, our grief was so overwhelming that we used the motto "think of something else" whenever the sadness set in.  Each time my husband said that I would look at my unfinished weaving and felting projects that were set aside during this tragic event.  One day I jumped up and resumed them. I am so enjoying this new adventure in fiber.  I love that this is an ancient tool and learning something that was once considered common to everyone in our community is priceless.

 My first assignment is to create a journal so I will be posting thoughts and some inspirations here. Check back often for updates. I think it will be fun for you to follow me on this journey and maybe you will find inspiration too!